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Holiday Giveaway

As promised, I’m running a quick Holiday giveaway for readers on my e-mail list and who follow my blog. To enter, all you need to do is click the link to go to my Facebook page. You don’t need to like me or anything (you can if you want to :D ), but I had to enter an option for Rafflecopter, and it seemed like the one available with their free plan that had the least friction.

So, what do you win?

Grand Prize:
$100 Amazon Gift Card

Second & Third Prize:
$25 Amazon Gift Card

Thank you for being a reader, happy holidays, and good luck!

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His Ancient Heart – Tears of Blood Book Three – Get it now @Amazon


Okay. I suck. His Ancient Heart went live on Amazon, and I completely forgot to post about it.

My apologies to anyone I left hanging. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the writing, I forget about this side of the equation.

I hope that fact that it’s available will help make up for it :). You can get it here, now:

Buy it. Read it. Love it (I hope).

Evolution, The Divine, Book Five – Now Available on Amazon!

The title says it all.
Get it here!


His name is Landon Hamilton, but to the angels and demons wrestling for control of our world he’s known simply as ‘diuscrucis’. He is the balancer, the great equalizer, a once mortal and former god who toes the line between good and evil to prevent the end of days…

In New York, a demon is slaughtering coeds at campuses around the city, taking the form of its victims and vanishing without a trace. At the same time in Nevada, a scientist with his own inexplicable supernatural talent has been spotted consorting with angels, working with them on a secret project that bridges the gap between science and faith.

While the two events appear unrelated on the surface, it isn’t long before Landon’s investigation leads him to one startling conclusion: the war between Heaven and Hell is evolving faster than he could have imagined, and the survival of mankind depends on his ability to make some of the hardest choices of his afterlife.

Enemies become allies and allies become enemies in this breakneck paced, action-packed mashup of urban fantasy, religious mythology, and pure adventure that are characteristic of the popular Divine series.

Second link to the book, so you don’t have to scroll back up.


Dead Lucky – A FREE Ghosts & Magic Novella


UPDATE 11/1/2014:Thanks to Wordwizard for reminding me about this post. Dead Lucky is no longer free, or distributed outside of Amazon. It is currently $2.99 @Amazon, or you can borrow it if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

For those of you who have ready Dead of Night, or those of you who have been on the fence about getting into a new world, I’ve recently released Dead Lucky – a novella (20,000 words) set two years before Dead of Night, that explores one of Conor’s earliest and most important experiences – the one where he gets the dice.

It is currently FREE at most of the major e-book retailers, and will be on all of them once Smashwords approves the files and sends them to B&N.

As always, links are available here. Choose your favorite store and select ‘Dead Lucky’.

If you like it, please consider leaving a review as thanks for making it free. I hope you enjoy it.