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His Cure For Magic, and Other News

His Cure For Magic
is now available on Amazon:

Coming soon to:
Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play

If you’ve read the first book in the Tears of Blood series, you won’t want to miss this one. Beta readers have already dubbed it ‘better than the first’.

If you haven’t, you can get it on any of the major ebook stores RIGHT NOW! Just head to the store of your choice and search on ‘His Dark Empire’ :D

Divine Series Update

Since I first published Balance in January of last year, it has been exclusive to Amazon. That is about to change, and all of the Divine novels will be available across all of the major e-book retailers by the beginning of June. If you have any friends who might like the Divine series, but are on a different platform, don’t be shy about talking up how awesome the books are (I’m assuming you think they’re awesome, since you signed up for the mailing list) :D

The other major news is that the Divine series is coming to audio!

I’ve entered into agreements to have all four of the existing Divine novels narrated and produced through Audible, with Balance arriving both there, on Amazon, and on iTunes within the next few weeks. I think Audible provides a few free promo codes, so please e-mail me if you’re interested in getting a free copy. Depending on response I’ll pick a few names at random. The narrator, Jeff Hays, is doing a fantastic job with the material, and it’s a fun next step in the evolution of the story.

Divine #5

Speaking of evolution, that’s going to be the title of the next installment of the Divine series. So far, you’ve seen Landon fight a lot of demons and the Beast, but in Evolution he’ll be forced to start looking at life from the other side of the fence, as the balance begins falling towards good. You’ll see a few old characters making appearances, as well as some new ones joining the fight. As for release date – I’m thinking sometime around the Holidays. I know it’s a ways off, but I have another cool project in the works that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Self-publishing. A year in review.

I pressed the ‘publish’ button on Amazon for the first time on January 27, 2013, sending Balance out into the world to be discovered by anyone looking for a different take on the battle between Heaven and Hell, good and evil. The 12 months since have blown me away, and exceeded every expectation I have ever had as a writer. Rather than write a bunch of words (I’ll save those for the novels), here’s a bulleted list of highlights:

  • Books written: 4
    The first three of the Divine Series, and the first of the Tears of Blood Series
  • Books sold: ~24,000
    This counts KOLL borrows. Most of these have been sold @ $4.99, but I did run a couple of promos at $0.99 that did well (thanks to Kindle Countdown Deals).
  • Income: ~$60,000 USD  - 10% of which has been or will be donated to charity.
    I know there’s a bit of a taboo on saying how much money you’ve made, but I’ve read too many blog posts and articles lately about how much writers actually earn. This income was from 4 books launched over the course of the last year that have been solidly midlist and are exclusive to Kindle. The point – you don’t need to be a bestseller to make money.
  • Mailing list subscribers: 360
    Thank you!
  • Top ranking: Balance @ 257, #5 in Urban Fantasy (one fine week in December)
  • Total Reviews on Amazon: ~240
  • Average Review Rating: 4.4
  • Amount learned: Immeasurable

I say thank you a lot, to whoever might be out there reading these words.  I’ve read about too many people who are still writing and still struggling to find an audience to  not be grateful every day that my words have resonated with people.

If you’re an aspiring self-published author, I hope you’ll look at the items above and be energized by my results, not dismayed. All it takes is one book that touches people. One story that leaves an impression. One idea that catches fire.



Balance: 10,000 Sales Celebration!

I did a Kindle Countdown deal in December, offering Balance for $0.99 for a week. The results of that offer were UNBELIEVABLE, pushing Balance to a high of #253 in the Amazon store, and #5 overall in Paranormal / Urban Fantasy and #7 overall in Epic Fantasy. All told, I sold over 3000 copies of Balance in December (and ~7500 books total), pushing it’s sales count well past 10,000 copies, to ~11,600.

As I had mentioned previously, I’m celebrating the achievement by giving away money, in the form of Amazon gift cards.

You need to do two things to enter:

1. Have found this link – congratulations, you’ve already done this!
2. Click the ‘enter’ button.

Oh, and if you aren’t already on my mailing list – I recommend signing up. There will be more giveaways in the future, and I know you don’t want to miss the chance to win stuff (and maybe learn about my new realeases?). Just click the ‘mailing list’ link in the menu, and put in your e-mail address. I promise not to spam.

Good luck!

The winners have been notified! Congratulations to Christopher, Yannick, and Caleb. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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Bound – First Draft Finished!

It feels like it took me a really long time to write Bound. Maybe not a long time by the standards of other authors, but I generally go into a novel with a decent idea of what I want to write, and a laser focus on getting the ideas from my brain to the page.

Bound is my fifth novel, the fourth in the Divine Series. It was also the hardest to write (pushing Balance to #2). Why was it so hard?

For one, it wraps up most of the threads that have been guiding the series to this point (note, I said this point. This isn’t the last Divine book, just the last featuring the Beast). Ending an arc in a way that is satisfying to both yourself and (hopefully) the readers can be hard. I hope I’ve done a good job of it.

At slightly over 100,000 words, it’s also the longest of the Divine books (Balance is 98k, Betrayal and Broken are closer to 90k). I never planned it that way, but the story wasn’t finished, and so I kept going.

Finally, if you’ve read this post from October, you know that I struggled a bit with how I wanted this story to be told. Even after I had straightened out my direction, I still ended up cutting/rewriting over 10,000 words (on the first draft… so more cuts are sure to come).

All of that aside, I’m really proud of Bound, maybe even more so because I did shed some blood, sweat, and tears over it (okay, just some sweat). I think its a fitting end to the Beast arc, and I really hope you’ll agree.

As for release date – I’m shooting for February 8, but it may come on the 15th. As always, I’ll send an e-mail out to everyone on the mailing list once it’s live on Amazon.

I hope you’ll check it out!